Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11/11-Stefanie Powers

Happy Veterans Day!

"When the make-up comes off you still have to go home and face your life;  make sure it is as satisfying as the one you left at the dressing table.'  I think I have." -
Stefanie Powers

     If one measures Hollywood stars by such traditional markers as grace, beauty and sophistication, then Stefanie Powers harkens back to Hollywood's Golden Era when stars were the essence of what everybody dreamed to be.  And if one measures the quality of a person by their sense of dedication, their concern for the world around them, by their ability to step outside themselves and see the greater importance of community and society, then Stefanie Powers exemplifies the "new Hollywood" -- smart, charismatic, committed and, yes, sexy.

     Actress Stefanie Powers, whose charming and thoughtful real-life personality may most closely resemble stunning renaissance woman Jennifer Hart, the character she portrayed on the hit television series "Hart to Hart", has combined a natural curiosity and passion for knowledge, world travel and diverse cultures into both an award-winning acting career and an equally active life of heartfelt philanthropic work.

     The cornerstone of that work is the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, a public charity dedicated to the preservation of wild animals, which Stefanie helped to found in honor of the late actor and for which she serves as president.  The William Holden Wildlife Education Center, which currently serves 10,000 students a year, is located near the Mt. Kenya Safari Club and the Mt. Kenya Game Ranch started by Holden in the late 1950's before conservation became a popular issue.

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