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On the show www.crntalk.com  - Phyllis Diller
Born Phyllis Ada Driver, she combined wild costumes, untamed hair and a raucous laugh with self-deprecating monologues to create one of comedy's most popular characters. A 1955 club booking skyrocketed her to success: scheduled for two weeks, she stayed for 89. After moving to Webster Groves in 1961, Diller honed her act in St. Louis clubs such as Gaslight Square's Crystal Palace.  Mid-1960s television routines featuring "Fang," her imaginary husband, brought national acclaim. In addition to her television, film and stage work, Phyllis Diller made five records, wrote five best-selling books and performed on piano with over 100 symphony orchestras. Her appearances with Bob Hope before countless serviceman has made her not only an entertainment icon, but an American Hero. In 2009 Ms. Diller was inducted into the Smithsonian Institutes first permanent Entertainment History Exhibit as a Legendary Lady of Stage & Screen.

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