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Dan Haggerty is best known for portraying Grizzly in the title role of the Sun classic feature, "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams." From this feature film evolved the NBC television series, and Dan became famous to millions of nature-loving movie-goers for his popular portrayal of John Grizzly Adams. Dan has proven to be a durable and versatile journeyman actor starring in multiple films each year. Dan's preference in movie-making is to do outdoor films designed to entertain the entire family, although his versatility as an actor is evident in other feature film roles as a psychologist, a biker, or as in a recent film, a detective.

"Grizzly Adams" was Haggerty's first starring role in a film, followed by the title role of Jacob Fremont in Sun's "The Adventure of Frontier Fremont." Haggerty excels in animal pictures because of his natural ability to handle all types of animals, which enables him to do scenes that other actors would find impossible.

Haggerty began acting as a Siberian Tiger trapper in "When the North Wind Blows" and has accumulated quite a list of screen credits including "Grassland," "Wild Country," "Tender Warrior," "Easy Rider," "King Chilling," "Spirit of the Eagle," and "Ordinary Killer."

Haggerty, a former animal trainer, stunt expert and animal handler for a "Tarzan" feature and the "Tarzan" TV series, directed white tigers, wolverines, eagles and wild boar in "When the North Wind Blows" and worked with bears, foxes and hawks in "My Side of the Mountain."

In "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams," one of Haggerty's co-stars was a 500-pound grizzly bear named Ben. The true life Adams and his bear lived in the mid-1800's and accompanied each other through the trials and adventures of the western mountain wilderness. Haggerty's knowledge of the outdoors and the animals he works with on camera makes him a modern-day Grizzly Adams.

That, in turn, led to the film, "The Capture of Grizzly Adams" which stars Haggerty as the legendary mountain-man who risks his freedom to return to civilization and prevent authorities from sending his daughter (Sydney Penny) to an orphanage. The world premiere aired on NBC.

The multi-talented Haggerty also starred in the lead role in "Condominium," which also stars Barbara Eden, Ralph Bellamy and Stewart Whitman. Haggerty played a hydraulics expert trying to warn residents that their Florida condos are about to be demolished in a forthcoming hurricane. In "Abducted," he is a Vietnam vet who is a psychologist dealing with nightmares of his fellow veterans. Dan co-starred in "Harder than Diamonds," "The Chilling," and he cameos as an attorney in "Terror Night" with Alan Hale Jr. and Aldo Ray. Dan has also done several "voice-overs" and can also be seen in music videos by Hank Williams, Jr. and Rogues of the Empire. Recently, he stars as a detective in "An Ordinary Killer

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